Redirects and data loss

So you were looking for a post and you ended up here. Totally understand.
So what happened?
I was working on my site, and whether it was a mistake on my part(probably) or my host(possibly) I suffered a major loss of website redesign and approximately over 50 posts.
I worked with the hosting company to recover the data but they honestly have not been helpful.
I have most of the articles, I even have the original urls. But the don't really exist anymore. 
I am actively working on re-establishing the majority of those posts. Some will stay removed.
But since I am a one man show and work full time it takes time. 

After the initail shock wore off I decided to take this time and redesign the sight, make it faster, etc...
And to practice what I write about. Taking a bad situation and turning it positive.
I've learned a new software for website design, learned more about backups, hosting, and dealing with setbacks. I will keep pushing forward and continue writind, as it is my therapy!