Get Your Shit Together – And Make Life Easier

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Thought I would try the more direct and sarcastic route this time.

Let’s cut to the chase: Do you want to get your shit together? Make some or all of your dreams come true. Except for that hot model you stalk on social media, I can’t help you there.

It’s possible that your life is a bit messy, and you’re not alone in feeling that way. Many of us look at the gap between our current disorganized state and the neat future we want, and it’s time for us to close that gap. However, we need to be truthful with ourselves and face the reality of our situation. This journey requires some tough love and a good dose of reality. In simple terms, it’s called get your shit together, at least it is in East Texas.

Let’s break down the false beliefs, reveal some easy tips, and add practical advice to help you balance your life. This isn’t your typical lifestyle guide. Instead, it’s an invitation to improve your daily routine and work towards a better version of yourself. Are you prepared to change your story and make progress? Get ready, and let’s get going. Oh, and if you don’t like profanity and sarcasm, you came to the wrong writer today.

Key Takeaways

  • Face reality head-on and dismantle the comforting lies that stagnate growth.
  • Embrace the brutal truth of your current situation to spark significant change.
  • Define your personal meaning of ‘getting your shit together’ with clear, achievable steps.
  • Design a step-by-step blueprint to actualize your aspirations.
  • Strategize to reclaim your time from the digital hole and optimize your daily routine.
  • Prioritize, maintain consistency, and celebrate every win on your path to lifestyle mastery.

Embrace the Brutal Truth and Stop the Self-Deception

Let’s be honest for a minute. Maybe you’ve been pretending that everything is fine in your life and that any problems you have are just temporary. Are you fully prepared if life knocks you on your ass?

But it’s time to face the facts and stop lying to yourself. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that everything is okay when it’s not. If you do, your dreams might never become a reality. Achieving personal goals takes time, commitment, and belief in yourself.

Face Who You Are Versus Who You Could Be

Taking an honest look at yourself can be tough, but realizing where you can improve is important. You might enjoy watching Netflix or hitting snooze too much, but there’s a better version of you hiding beneath excuses. It’s time to face the truth and make changes. It might be difficult, but it’s necessary to embrace growth. Cutting back or ditching alcohol altogether is a great beginning; you’d be surprised how much time and money is wasted on shit like that. I know I was surprised. 

Admit the Hard Facts and Curb Procrastination

It’s important to be aware that procrastination can stop you from achieving anything, whether it’s creating a new career or getting better at something. It’s time to stop putting things off and start taking action.

Knowing that time is not on your side should motivate you to act quickly. This sense of urgency can push you to take the necessary steps toward making something happen. It’s your choice, wait a few years, wake up one day, and go, “shit where did the time go?” 

Urgency and Honesty: The Secret Ingredients to Change

To change your life, you need to feel a sense of urgency and be honest with yourself. This means making each day count and taking action on your life project. If you want to see a different future, you need to be willing to make changes and work hard towards your dreams. Remember, time is valuable, and you should use every second to make your life better.

The Clear Vision: Defining What ‘Get My Shit Together’ Means to You

Imagine having your life completely together, where everything feels just right, and all your personal aspirations are met with an actionable strategy. This means having a stable financial situation with a positive balance in your bank account, a clean and organized living space, and a well-structured practice that includes work, healthy eating, and being active. You can even enhance your community by volunteering and filing your taxes on time with a sense of duty.

  • Define projects and post them on the walls of your ambition or the refrigerator. Keep them SMART—specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  • Break down each goal into bite-sized tasks—an actionable plan where you can taste the sweet tang of progress with each checkmark.
  • Create checklists because, let’s face it, ticking off tasks is oddly satisfying. Keep seeing that tidy house and healthy bank account in your mind’s eye.
  • Ensure your routine accommodates not just the must-dos but also the love-to-dos. Prioritize personal growth because those aspirations aren’t mere fantasies.

It’s important to look ahead if you want to accomplish anything in life. This means imagining what you want to accomplish and taking steps to make it happen. Every little thing you do, like eating healthy, exercising, and helping others, can all contribute to your success. Write down your pursuits in the present tense and act like they’ve already happened.

As you work towards your objectives, be proud of every small achievement, and don’t underestimate yourself. This is about more than just getting your life together – it’s about mastering the art of living, and it’s worth the effort. A common side effect is improved mental health, a clear conscience, and, strange enough, more free time.

Stop wasting your time; get some coffee, a pen, and something to write on. Begin journaling and practice every day. You won’t succeed at anything if you don’t believe you will. How do I know this, cause I didn’t have my shit together either for a long time. Yeah, I’m just like you, well I was. At least my shit is in a big pile, not scattered around the room.

Goal – Get Your Shit Together and Achieve Something

Are you dedicated to making your dreams a reality? Well, get ready to work hard because it’s time to create a perfect plan to make it happen. A well-thought-out strategy that would impress anyone—well, again, almost anyone, maybe not your in-laws who wanted their daughter to marry a doctor. Let’s get going and take a close look at each step.

Identify and List Each Step 

To complete your personal objectives, start by breaking them down into smaller tasks that you can handle. These tasks will serve as stepping stones towards success. Design a path from the beginning to the end. Each step is laid out; you don’t want to leave anything uncovered. This is not a simple path to follow, but it’s better because you have created it yourself with practical and achievable changes.

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Overcoming Obstacles – Stop Using Excuses – Think

Are you facing a problem that’s stopping you from completing your dream? Don’t worry; it’s time to use your brainpower to find a solution. Get creative and turn those obstacles into opportunities. Whether it’s managing your time more efficiently, rejecting alcohol, or spending your money wisely, you can overcome any problem like a pro.

And don’t say, Oh, I’ve done that well, apparently not; otherwise, you wouldn’t have read this far into the article. So no, you haven’t. When life knocks you sideways, find some positives and grow.

Involve Your Partners to Get it Together.

Don’t go it alone anymore. Instead, team up with people who inspire you and share your ideas with a trusted friend. Hell, if you’re really brave, post it to your social media page.

You can divide chores, help each other out, and celebrate your successes. It’s easier to complete when everyone is working towards the same purpose. Bonus points if you have a funny friend who knows how to get shit done that can keep you on track in August when it’s 120 degrees outside.

  • Set priorities: Hit those deadlines and milestones like a marksman, focusing first on assignments that pack the biggest punch.
  • Time management: Carve out those golden hours and guard them like a treasure chest filled with productivity.

And there you have it—a beautifully crafted procedure for seizing the day and making every moment a victory march toward your vision. Strap in, execute, and watch the magic unfold.

Reclaim Your Time – Every Day Habit

Many of us have been caught in the trap of spending too much time on our phones or computers. What starts as a quick check for updates or messages can quickly turn into an hour of browsing through social media. To declutter your mind, declutter your habits!

If you want to take control of your time and spend less time staring at a screen, it’s important to prioritize and set boundaries. You don’t have to disconnect from the world completely; instead, try to be more mindful of your time on social media. Set limits for yourself, like using a timer, and stick to them. When the timer goes off, log off and focus on other things.

  1. Study Habits: Carve out specific times for study or work – technology-free zones where concentration can bloom.
  2. Build Habits: Integrate tech breaks into your day, keeping your hands and mind free for other things.
  3. Improve Sleep Schedule: Ban phones and tablets from the bedroom. That blue light isn’t doing your zzz’s any favors. 

Instead of just using your phone less, try using it differently. Turn off notifications that aren’t important. Use apps to manage your contacts and stay updated on events without getting constant interruptions. Making small changes like these can have a big impact on your productivity and help you take control of your day. Remember, your real life is waiting, so go out and live it!


We’ve reached the end of a roadmap that leads to a more organized life in which you have control. Do you feel like you have an idea of what’s going on?

It’s not just about big changes but about the small things you do daily that make a big difference. 

If you consistently work hard, you can turn your dreams into reality. To make progress, focus on the most important duties to your goals.

When you celebrate these wins, you boost your confidence and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. Remember to keep the end in mind and stay committed to reaching it. It’s not going to be easy, but at least you can say I have my shit together.

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